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Didsbury Childminding 

Ofsted Registered, Didsbury based Childcare Practitioners

Although I have moved away from the home based setting that I provided, I always want to apply the fundamental principles that I have developed over the last 10+ years whilst caring for children in my own home. In doing this, I can continue to use all the external groups that attended my home and the children spend a considerable time out and about in the local area.

I have created lots of different activities / areas for the children to explore. Feel free to give me a call and arrange a visit should you want to see it for yourselves.

As part of a critical evaluation of the service I provide, I recently created an anonymised electronic survey which was distributed to all of the parents of children I care for. I'm really pleased to say that all of them are absolutely satisfied with the care I provide, and all would recommend me to provide childcare services.